Saturday, May 6, 2017

From the Private Files of Scotland Yard Commissioner Rushworth Ramsgate - Part 19:

A Bicycle Built for One...

Mr. John Kemp Starley's perfection of the safety bicycle was a boon to all, providing cheap and healthy transportation regardless of social status or gender. 

There is no more enthusiastic nor capable proponent of this means of mobility than the exceedingly athletic Lady Natasha Dorrington. When on a case in the country, Tasha often either takes her bicycle or rents or borrows one.  Where once dependent on long walks or the availability of a horse and carriage, she - like so many other men and women - has found a new and vigorous independence.

When in the country a few weeks ago, one ruffian, making the mistake of stealing a gentleman's bicycle in the presence of Lady Dorrington, discovered, to his chagrin, just how swift her cycling could be - and how capable she was with solid right to his jaw. She returned to town on her bicycle, the felon made the trip, unconscious, on the floor of the police wagon.  

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