Saturday, February 4, 2017

From the Private Files of Scotland Yard Commissioner Rushworth Ramsgate - Part 17:

What is a Holiday Without a Corpse?


This is one of my favorite photographs of Lady Dorrington, taken and hand-tinted at Elliot & Fry's celebrated studio (oddly situated on Baker Street... an address all too familiar to those of us at Scotland Yard).

She had just returned from a summer holiday in Brighton. Her relaxed and contented countenance was not due, as one might expect, from the charms of sea-air, but the successful conclusion of the "Case of the Fatal Bathing Machine."

The unwary victims entered and were never seen again. Tasha ended the deadly career of this diabolical contraption and the sinister inventor who created it.


  1. thank you for sharing photographs of Lady Dorrington. It's Really nice photo.Keep it and go ahead.
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