Friday, October 7, 2016

From the Private Files of Scotland Yard Commissioner Rushworth Ramsgate - Part Six:

The Gruesome Affair of the Grinning Skull Slasher

This abominable case was one of my earliest encounters with the formidable Lady Dorrington. A latter-day, and gruesomely theatrical, Jack-the-Ripper terrorized the East End for weeks.  The Yard's inability to end his reign of horror was a source of bitter complaint by both the public and the press. The murderer prowled the foggy alleys like a creature of prey, and even I began to wonder if our lethal opponent was more than human. 

It was with some trepidation for her safety that I called upon Tasha for assistance. My fears were well-founded, for as Tasha hunted this wraith, she herself was being stalked.

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