Thursday, June 23, 2016

From the Private Files of Scotland Yard Commissioner Rushworth Ramsgate - Part Four:

The Female of the Species

My experiences with the remarkable Lady Dorrington have caused me to question many long-held beliefs regarding the roles of the sexes.

While she is exceptional in her intelligence and strength, I ask myself if she is absolutely unique.  Could other ladies, should circumstances allow, excel in a man's game?

Lady Dorrington's presence is promoting an undercurrent of hostility and - to be honest - even a detectable fear among my colleagues.

The brighter among them realize that her existence, and the existence of women like her, give lie to arguments long used to deny their emancipation.

If she is an example of the "new woman," this twentieth century promises to be exceedingly different for men and the women with whom they will have to contend.

However, one virtue of rank is the privilege of choosing one's own path and I will walk with Lady Dorrington.  To do otherwise would be unfair to her and, given her abilities, to society as well.

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